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The Top 3 Tabata Articles

This picture is the only proof you will ever need that Tabata workouts are the ultimate solution to an out of shape flabby physique.

Nasty Tabata Workouts

WARNING: Tabata Workouts WILL Cause Fat Loss



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The Top Ten Articles on HIIT Training

These are my favorite articles on HIIT training:

HIIT will make you Stronger, Faster, Leaner

4 Steps to a Great HIIT Workout

Waves and Waves of HIIT

HIIT Workouts – Vertical Jump Training

10 More Reasons to Love HIIT

HIIT Turns Fat Men into Fit Men

HIIT Kicks Cardio’s Butt

HIIT is your best choice for burning off Belly Fat

High Intensity Resistance Training

Why Can’t I Lose This Fat? – Part 1

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    ZMA – Are you wasting your money?

    ZMA, Zinc Magnesium Aspartate, is a dietary supplement which has been on the market for several years now.  Though it was invited by Victore Conte of Balco infamy, ZMA is still a popular supplement choice for bodybuilders and anyone who engages in resistance training.

    ZMA is marketed as a product that helps to boost your testosterone levels and to help increase muscle mass.  In the past, companies marketed the product as ‘clinically proven’ based on an abstract presented several years ago.

    Why are you buying ZMA?

    Since then, there have only been a small number of studies on this product.  Unfortunately, these studies have found that ZMA supplementation neither helps increase testosterone levels nor muscle mass which raises the question of why fitness enthusiasts are still buying this product.

    Does ZMA work?

    For more information to address the qustions, Does ZMA work?, follow the link!

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    How to shrink an enlarged prostate?

    Benign prostate hyperplasia is an increasingly common concern among our aging population.  It’s so common, in fact, that it’s almost considered a ‘normal’ part of aging itself.

    For those who suffer from benign prostate hyperplasia or benign prostate hypertrophy as it’s alternately referred to, there are several treatment options to shrink or reduce the size of your prostate gland.

    To start with, you should always consult the advice of your physician.  There are a number of effective medications available to shrink your prostate.  In addition, there are some natural treatment options which are considered to be effective including saw palmetto extract.

    A recent study by researchers in Italy have found the herbal preparation, Pluvio® to be an effective option for reducing the lower urinary tract symptoms often associated with BPH [1].  Pluvio® is a novel combination of plant extracts including avocado and soy oil in addition to Urtica Dioica.


    1. Urologia. 2010 Oct 2;77(3):180-186.

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    New location for Physical fitness made simple

    Editor note:  I’m not DR!

    Physical fitness made simple has moved (again) to a new location.  You can continue reading fitness, nutrition, and exercise tips at the new website, Health Habits:  fitness blog.

    For other health and fitness information, you can also visit Hive Health Media.

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    Physical fitness made simple has moved!

    Hey everyone,

    I have recently decided to transfer the content of my fitness site ( and my diet/nutrition site ( to my new blog:

    I was getting a lot of questions on topics other than diet and fitness training. With a more general health blog, I can focus on topics not specifically exercise or diet.

    I hope everyone enjoys


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    Wellness and Workouts in the Canadian Workplace

    According to this article in the National Post, Canadian employees desire workplace wellness and disease prevention education to be included in their health care plans.

    In the Sanofi-Aventis Healthcare Survey, 83% of the 1500 respondents would be more likely to stay at their jobs if they believed their employer was interested in maintaining their health through education and prevention.

    75% thought more highly of employers that offered it in the workplace.

    According to Chris Bonnett, a member of the surveyem advisory board and president of H3 Consulting, “[employees] are looking to their employers for support and access to health education and programming.”


    It’s great that Canadians are more interested in their health and that their employers may see a beneficial link between the employees’ health and their value to the company.

    Not like the good old days.

    Highballs in the corner office…cool baby

    CON #1

    The survey was conducted by Sanofi-Aventis Canada – the Canadian affiliate of the Sanofi-Aventis Group, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. No conflict of interest there.

    What are the odds that Sanofi-Aventis might have some suggestions as to the type of health education and programming (their word) that the employees should have access to?

    CON #2

    Who is going to say no to free stuff?

    Sure, pay for my gym membership. I’m down with that.

    It would be much more honest to ask employees if they would be interested in having their employer pick up half the tab for fitness memberships, etc.


    At the end of the day, any health promotion / disease prevention plan is a good thing. And what a surprise that in Canada, the home of socialized medicine, that business, not government is leading the way.

    My diet/nutrition blog

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